David Weightman
Industrial Design

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M.A. Royal College of Art, London

Professor David Weightman IDSA graduated from the Royal College of Art, London in 1970 with a Masters degree in Industrial Design Engineering. His career has combined working in Higher Education, latterly in Senior Administrative positions, with research and consultancy activities.

Until recently he was the Director of the School of Art + Design at the University of Illinois @Urbana-Champaign, where he continues as a Senior Faculty member in the Industrial Design program. Prior to that he was the Dean of the School of Art + Design at Staffordshire University in the UK, following a number of years teaching on the renowned Industrial Design Transport program at the (now) Coventry University.

Whilst at Coventry and Staffordshire he was a consultant to companies including Yamaha, Massey Ferguson, British Rail, BBC television and the Tate Gallery, including a period running the Industrial Design Consultancy Unit at Coventry. His early consultancy and research work was in Intermediate Technology for Developing countries, and then in user-centred product design. His current research is in the relationship between products users and the design/manufacturing process, particularly the new relationships enabled by digital technology.

In Education, he has acted as advisor to the British Design Council, the Council for National Academic Awards, and the Department of Trade and Industry, participating in many program validations and research projects. He was a member of the Executive of CHEAD, the Council for Higher Education in Art and Design and has presented papers and run workshops for NASAD, the US equivalent, since moving to the US in 2004. He has been invited to participate in the NASAD Working group on the future of design education in the USA and also has contributed to three NSF Workshops on Graduate Education in Engineering

Recent professional employment

  • Invited to be External Examiner for the Industrial design program, National University of Singapore, initial visit May 2009
  • Invited to be External Monitor for Masters of Design by Project program, Unitec, Auckland, New Zealand, initial visit November 07
  • Leader, X-lab Creativity workshop, for A*STAR Singapore, August 07 ( pro-bono )

Honors and recognitions

  • Invited to be member of National working group on the future of Design Education for NASAD, first meeting June 08
  • Member, Executive committee, Council for Higher Education in Art and Design UK 1999 – 2004
  • Elected Fellow Chartered Society of Designers UK ( subscription lapsed on move to USA )

Recent grants received

  • Program grant from National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Association for “Developing design thinking in multi-disciplinary teams” $35K 2009
  • Development grant from Autodesk PLC for developing curriculum in digital Prototyping $75K, 2009
  • Scholars in Innovation, creativity and enterprise fund for “ Digital tools for punk manufacture” $13K, 2008
  • Special funding from Provost, Deans of Engineering and FAA to support “ Raising awareness of design thinking “ project including Designmatters lecture series, $100K, 2007 and 2008
  • Campus Research Initiative grant for feasibility study of Intermedialab $40K, 2005

Recent Refereed Conference presentations and publications

  • Weightman D and McDonagh D (2007) Users connecting with the design process: Has the paradigm shifted? In International Council of Societies of Industrial Design + Industrial Design Society of America Educators’ Congress. San Francisco, October 2007 (in press).
  • Weightman D and McDonagh D (2006) The New Landscape of Design Business: Key Directions of Design Education. Hatch P and McDonagh D (eds.)(2006) REALIZE: Design Means Business. Chicago: Industrial Design Society of America.
  • Weightman D and McDonagh D (2006) The new landscape of design: cool hunting and other opportunities Industrial Design Society of America annual conference, Austin, Texas, September.
  • McDonagh D, Formosa D, Fulton Suri J and Weightman D (2005) Product Design: Impact on the Ageing Individual. The 1st World Ageing and Generations Congress 2005, St Gallen, Switzerland, October 2005. pp. 237-247.
  • Weightman D and McDonagh D (2004) Supra-functional factors in sustainable products. Third International Conference on Design and Manufacture for Sustainable Development, (September 1-2) 2004 at Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK, pp. 91-101.
  • McDonagh D and Weightman D (2004) Industrial Design Education: A British Perspective. Industrial Designers Society of America. In the proceedings of Cullen C (ed.) National Education Conference (October 24-26) 2004 at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, pp. 157-163.
  • Weightman D and McDonagh D (2003) People are Doing it for Themselves, in the Proceedings of the International Conference on Designing Pleasurable Products and Interfaces, Forlizzi, J, Hanington, B and Ayoob, E (eds.), ACM Press, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA, pp. 34-39.
  • Weightman D and McDonagh D (2002) In the future, design will be just for you. In the proceedings of the International Conference for Universal Design in Japan 2002 (Conference committee)(Nov 30 - Dec 4) Yokohama, Japan. (CD Rom) pp. 377-385.